Press Release: welcoming Josh Estakhri

Another new addition! With extensive experience in account management, Josh Estakhri began his insurance career with Provence in 2019. Eager to combine his commercial expertise and industry knowledge, he is already an integral member of the team. Of course, having grown up in a family of seven, Josh is no stranger to working in busy and sometimes chaotic environments!

Spending his time hiking, traveling and restoring cars, and spending time in Paris and Switzerland, Josh has an innate understanding of international systems. Since childhood, he has been drawn to sports and used this as an outlet for his competitive tendencies. These days, he’s busy using his competitive nature on behalf of our clients, although he can still be found on the paintball field in his spare time.

As well as building forts, playing piano and antagonizing his siblings, Josh spent a considerable part of his youth volunteering. Excited to offer his services where needed, he was regularly fundraising for his local fire department and supporting charitable causes. Indeed, Joshua’s altruistic nature is one of his driving forces. Eager to help others and challenge himself in the process, Josh’s approach to clients ensures their financial and risk management needs are met, and that their portfolios are well-suited to their expectations. 

Planning a big future with Provence, Josh’s extensive experience has enabled him to hit the ground running. Working alongside motivated and knowledgeable colleagues, Josh is using his expertise to enhance the team’s performance and deliver increasingly impressive results on a regular basis.



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