Press Release: Provence Remains Connected To Customers Through Remote Work

Staying connected with clients and customers is of utmost priority to Provence Inc. Regardless of the current remote working environment, our team is actively present across a range of communicative channels to deliver consistent customer experiences. 

Secure communicative technologies are helping the Provence Team remain available to clients and customers remotely. We understand digital flexibility which is why our Team is proactively communicating with customers through an array of digital platforms like Whatsapp, text, phone, and email to ensure optimum customer service. 

Customers are also able to reach out to Provence through the agency website chat and even fax. Provence is additionally available across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as an added communication channel. 

During these unprecedented times, Team Provence strives to enhance communication across platforms for your ease of access and convenience. We understand the importance of being available and reachable to our clients, customers, and patrons, as well as how important it is for us to stay connected to them. 

Because remaining connected is an essential part of what we do at Provence, our team continues to stay ahead of the times by digitizing our agency communication avenues and keeping our clients and customers satisfied. Ensuring we’re available to them through a range of different channels is part of the #ProvenceWay.

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