What Our Team Loves About Working For Provence & What They Expect In The Future

At Provence, our people are at the heart of what we do. Ensuring our Provence Family is at the forefront of our priorities is part of the #ProvenceDifference. We asked a few of our team members what they love about working for Provence and what they foresee as the future of the company.

Here’s what they said:

David Santana – Commercial Lines Account Sales

I’ve been at Provence since May of 2014. I had only had my license for four months. I was interviewed twice with Iffi and Mr. Wahla before I was offered a position to join Provence. During the interview process, I felt so comfortable and was very thankful to be offered to work at the agency. Besides Iffi and Mr. Wahla, the rest of the team were all so helpful at teaching me the business. Iffi told me about his vision to grow and since I’ve been here, he has delivered that vision and more! This is my extended family now! Today we have 5 times the people and offices in SoCal and Nevada.

Thank you Iffi for letting us all join in on your journey to grow Provence to be a powerhouse on the West Coast!

Marie Simonian – Commercial Lines Account Manager

I have been working for this agency for 5 years. We have been through a lot of growth in the last few years. I would say my favorite part about working for Provence is the support I get from everyone I work with. I never feel like I can’t reach out for help or have someone to listen to my thoughts and ideas. My boss is always willing to hear me out and work with me to keep improving our process. I get to work from home and it is like a dream. Most importantly, they have provided me with all the tools and technology that make my job as streamlined as possible. We have access to some really amazing programs that make the toughest tasks easy to tackle not only for me but for our clients.

John David – Personal Lines Account Sales Executive

Provence has a great team atmosphere and the entire team makes you feel like family. The team at Provence supports one another and strives to succeed together. The great part about Provence is that it provides a very comfortable work space and has been flexible around my family’s schedules.  During the pandemic, Provence was able to adapt and move forward with minimal disturbance!  By using cutting edge technology, the agency is able to stay connected, no matter what part of the world they work. Provence has grown into a Top Agency in CA through a solid foundation of experience, knowledge, and professionalism. It has been an honor and a privilege to be a Provence Insurance Agent these last 12 years. The support and care I have received is an A+!  By having both personal and professional friendships with co-workers, my job has been more worthwhile than I could have imagined. Provence has grown from a single agency company of 4 employees, to a multi-state, multi-country, and multi-line agency with over 30 employees.  With the team constantly growing, the future of Provence insurance is bright!

Altamash Mumtaz – Accounting Manager

The way Provence has grown these past few years, especially how they’ve used technology and adapted to all the challenges created by the pandemic, I will not be surprised to see Provence go global in the future. The work ethic, standards, and organizational culture that Provence provides will ensure that it’s always the first choice for both clients, as well as employees. Since I started working here I’ve come to realize that when you choose Provence, you choose the best there is.

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