Provence: The Right Choice For Your Arborist Insurance

At Provence, our mission is to guide you and your business to help protect yourself both financially and emotionally. When you partner with us, you get a team of professionals who provide you with seamless service and strategic planning to adapt to your ever-changing needs. 

Our Arborist Insurance Program is designed to provide comprehensive service to Arborists and Landscape Contractors.

The Importance of Arborist Insurance

Back in 2004, 120 arborists lost their lives on the job. These Arborists worked for companies ranging from tree cutting services, to landscaping business, and some even worked from private companies. Studies also show that veteran arborists are at a higher risk since their lengthy experience lands them riskier jobs. Because it’s such a hands on job, Arborists face great risk of injury while at work. This is why ensuring you receive sufficient coverage to protect yourself is important. Working with a great agent can help you achieve exactly that. 

Some of the Risks Arborists need to consider: 

  • Damage to other people’s property
  • Injury to others due to negligence, equipment malfunction or use of toxic substances such as pesticides 
  • Loss, damage or theft of your tools, equipment or vehicles
  • Job-related injury or illness that you or your employees experience
  • Errors and omissions exposure, due to tree care and landscape consulting or advice that leads to a loss
  • Accidents you or your employees may cause while driving your commercial vehicles
  • Accidents you or your employees may cause while driving your commercial vehicles

Types of Insurance For Arborists

General Liability Insurance

Our basic liability policy ensures you’re covered for many of the risks faced at your business, such as property damage and bodily injury to you or your employees while working on site. 

Professional Liability Insurance

If you provide landscaping or tree care advice, our professional liability insurance cna cover you and provide protection against liability claims due to negligence, poor advice, or recommended services that result in the loss of a client.

Product Liability Insurance

Our product liability insurance provides protection if the products you sell cause any damage or injury. This includes landscaping tools, sprayers, chemicals, and fertilizers.

Business Property Insurance

Whether you own your business premises or work out of an office space, this coverage provides you with coverage on your business property and equipment tools you use on the job.

Inland Marine Insurance

In case you’re transporting equipment from one job site to another, our inland marine insurance makes sure you’re covered in case of any damage.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Covering your cars, vans, and trucks used for commercial purposes on the job.

Business Interruption or Loss of Income Insurance

In case your business temporarily ceases operations, this policy helps protect you and covers ongoing operational and employee costs to provide you with a peace of mind.

Workers Compensation

Required by all states, our workers compensation policy helps ensure that all job-related injuries or illnesses, and lost income are covered.

At Provence, our go-to agent for Arborist Insurance is David Santana. David’s been with us for 6 years and has gone on to become a key player at the agency. He continues to achieve greatness by ensuring that his clients are able to achieve a peace of mind knowing that they’re working with someone who not only provides them with options that best match their needs, but also goes beyond their expectations.

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