#TeamProvence: Meet Michelle, Our Personal Onboarding Specialist

At Provence, providing great service is what we’re all about – and that doesn’t just mean through our agents. When you become a client at Provence, your experience begins through our seamless onboarding process. This is where we’d love to highlight our Client Onboarding Specialist, Michelle! 

Michelle does an amazing job at providing our clients with a smooth experience throughout the onboarding process. With her warm personality and exceptional talent, she makes you feel a part of the Provence family from the get-go. 

Even after you’ve onboarded, you can depend on Michelle to take care of a range of different needs. 

Here are some things Michelle does to help make sure we are always there for our customers, making you a priority, every time. 


Whether it’s personal or commercial insurance, Michelle is an onboarding rockstar who holds your hand whether through phone call or a screen share, to make sure you understand all of our resources available at your disposal. This includes downloading and setting your online access on the mobile app, really making sure you understand everything. 

Claims Follow Up

Michelle is quick to pick up the phone as soon as she finds out you’ve been involved in a claim. She checks in with you to make sure that you’re okay and if you need anything at all.

ProvenceWave Onboarding

As part of our range of services we offer to our clients, ProvenceWave is one of them. ProvenceWave is an amazing tool we offer our clients which gives them access to an array of industry specific information. Along with that Michelle introduces you to your own personalized Client Portal which includes tools such as an HR Hotline and an Employee Handbook Builder. While ProvenceWave has so much more to offer our clients, Michelle makes sure that she goes through the ins and outs of the platform with you to give you a better understanding during your onboarding. 

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Building strong relationships with our clients is at the core of what we do at Provence. Michelle is at the forefront of that. We never miss a birthday! Expect a call from Michelle to wish you on your day and ask you if you need anything. Don’t be surprised if she gives you a call on a Sunday wishing you a happy birthday!

Click here to get in touch with our Onboarding Specialist Michelle!

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