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#TeamProvence: Meet Nazish, Our Quality & Compliance Officer

Quality and compliance are a priority to us at Provence. Ensuring that you receive the best service throughout your experience with us is part of the Provence way. This is where we’d love to highlight our Quality and Compliance Officer – Nazish! 

Nazish does an exceptional job at making sure that our processes are top of the line. Her superpowers have helped us perfect our agency practice. With her extreme attention to detail, she’ll stalk out any inconsistencies whether it’s on an AMS, our phone services, or our audits – if it’s not up to standard she’ll make sure it is. 

Here are some of the things Nazish does to help ensure your Provence experience is exceptional:

Phone Call Audits

Nazish has a knack for listening, which makes her great for monitoring calls and ensuring our customer service remains top notch at all times. Consistently providing feedback on how we can improve our service is Nazish’s forte.

AMS Auditing

We really believe Nazish is a perfectionist which is why she does an impeccable job of making sure that our AMS is always updated with correct information such as emails and phone numbers. If anything is missing, we can count on her to have it fixed yesterday. 

Commercial & Personal Lines Document Auditing

Whether it’s a renewal checklist or documentation, Nazish has a checklist for everything. She’s always on top of her game when making sure that everything is done in order and nothing is missed. She truly makes our processes at Provence seamless. 

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