Why An Independent Insurance Agency Should Be Your Top Choice

When it comes to protecting what matters to you, insurance agencies are the way to go. Middlemen and brokers can oftentimes lead to higher costs since they take their own percentage cut. Moreover, having an insurance agency on-board means you have one business that’s able to handle all your needs. Why have multiple relationships for coverage when you can just have one? 

At an independent insurance agency like Provence, you get a personal account manager who’s able to understand your requirements inside and out. Determining what carrier is best suited to your unique needs is exactly what an account manager does. While the average business has up to nine carriers, not every carrier is a good fit – an account manager helps you navigate that by discussing your options and providing you with tailored solutions making the process all the more efficient. 

Provence provides you with customized solutions rather than selling you a standard policy and we do that by putting you, your time, and your unique needs first every time.

We’ve broken down why working with an independent insurance agency is the better option: 

Compare Prices From Multiple Carriers

If you’re worried about getting the best possible price, Provence has that covered for you. Our agents work with you on a personal level by weighing out the best solution fit to your unique needs. They can compare prices from dozens of different carries to boil down what matches both your budget, as well as your requirements.

All Your Options In One Place


Why go out of your way to search for different insurance coverages? You save a lot of time and resources by putting your trust into an experienced agent who can get you covered whether it’s for your home, your car, your business, or even for your health. Because Provence agents have access to a multitude of different carriers, they aren’t limited to the types of insurance they’re able to offer to you. Because your personal account manager knows what you need, you can expand on your options at any time – everything is customized to you!

You’re The Priority


At Provence, your personal account manager focuses on you and your specific situation. Rather than trying to sell you something you don’t need, your personal account manager works with you to find a policy that’s a perfect match for you. 


Provence can help you protect what matters to you most – your way. Our licensed agents work with you on a level you won’t find anywhere else. We don’t give you a one-size-fits all policy. With customized care and in-depth support you’re able to understand your coverage and the confidence knowing that you’re insured by someone you can trust.

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