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Since 1998, Provence has been one of the most rapidly growing insurance firms in California—in no small part thanks to our incredible partner agencies acquired through the years. By working closely with owners, identifying passionate team members, and making strategic mergers to better serve our clients, Provence has built a robust team of dedicated team members.

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“I am so proud to be a part of the Provence Insurance team. Our staff is filled with amazing individuals who all bring success to the company with their talents and resources. The leadership encourages autonomy and listens to the ideas of the group. I can say that I’ve truly grown as a person since joining the company. It feels wonderful to know that you’ve got the ability to make a difference in the direction the company takes, and to work with others who encourage you to do so.”

Iffi Wahla
President, Provence Group

“My previous experiences were great, but I chose to consolidate with Provence to launch myself to the next level. Provence immediately made it their mission to help me succeed. Everything promised was delivered, and over time, I’ve developed great trust in our partnership. Year after year, my revenue has increased and I attribute this to the leadership, training, and team at Provence Insurance.”

John F.
Partner/Agent, Provence Group

The David K Agency was one of the first agencies to merge with Provence. It was and still is an immense success. David brought a wealth of experience to Provence and is now a Life Lead. This merger has helped Provence become one of the top life producers in the country.

David K.
Partner/Agent, Provence Group

“In the last three years, Provence Insurance has made an incredible difference in my life. I’ve always known where I wanted to take my business, but I was missing the right company with the right vision. Needless to say, it was a smart decision to affiliate with Provence Insurance. Working together as part of a true team has been life changing.”

Ronetta T.
Partner/Agent, Provence Group

“A few years ago, I was ready for a change with my agency. After looking at options, I took the leap and started seriously talking to a competitor because of their presentation. However, I soon realized that the presentation was all hype. This left me with a bad feeling until I received an unexpected call from Provence. What a blessing.”

David S.
Partner/Agent, Provence Group

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